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You never have to peel hard boiled eggs with the Eggies!Animated GIF

Now you can enjoy hard boiled eggs without ever having to peel another egg shell again thanks to the Eggies System For Hard Boiled Eggs.

Making hard boiled eggs use to mean messy shells, broken egg whites and peeling shells but use Eggies and you can make a perfect boiled egg every single time without the hassles.

Animated GIF

It lets you make hard boiled eggs without the shell, Just crack and pour the egg inside and close the top. Boil it on your stove top and twist it open when its done.

The Eggies acts like a real shell and cooks your egg just like one. With the non-stick interior you can slide the egg right out. Also Eggies cook flat on the bottom, making them easier to decorate.

Whether you are making delicious deviled eggs, healthy egg salads, or tasty Eggs Benedict, Eggies are perfect for you to use. You can even season your eggs before cooking them using Eggies.

  • Enjoy hard boiled eggs without having to peel any shells
  • Just crack, cook and twist
  • Cooks eggs just like a real shell
  • Non-stick interior – egg can slide right out
  • Cooks egg flat on the bottom – easier to decorate


  • Size: 6 cm x 6 cm x 8.5 cm 
  • 6 * Eggies
  • 1 * Egg Separator

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