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Feng Shui Emperors Coins

Feng Shui Emperors Coins

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Improve your luck, good fortune and Feng Shui with Feng Shui Emperors Coins
For good Feng Shui in your money area it is always best to use symbols that speak to you of money and abundance. Feng Shui Emperors Coins are a very popular Feng Shui money cure because  Feng Shui originated in China thousands of years ago, so it makes sense that Feng Shui Emperors Coins are a top Feng Shui money cure
Popular Feng Shui Uses of Chinese Coins:

The other popular way to use Chinese coins to attract the energy of money is to carry them in your wallet or in your pocket. 

If you own a business, there is a variety of way to use the coins according to classical Chinese feng shui schools.

You can use them near the cash register, on the inside of your front door, with your financial papers, near the phone, or any other place that feels important to you.

You can also use the Chinese coins with other popular Feng Shui money and good luck cures, such as:

  • Money Tree
  • Wealth Vase
  • Lucy Bamboo
  • Chi Lin
  • Wind Chime

Feng Shui tips to best utilize these Feng Shui Emperors Coins:

  • Display the Feng Shui Emperors Coins alongside important Feng Shui products that attract wealth luck, such as the Money Frog, Wealth Deities , Pi Yao, Wealth Ship, Wealth Pot or God of Wealth. When the Chinese coins are paired with these symbols, they are said to increase their wealth-drawing powers by manifolds.
  • On top of your rice pot, place an “angpow” (traditional Chinese red packet of money) along with Feng Shui Emperors Coins; this is reputed to serve to increase your income luck and enhance wealth luck. You can also choose to place the loose coins into the angpow itself, activating the powers of potent wealth emblems.
  • Place Feng Shui Emperors Coins into the wealth vases or ships that you keep around your home. Filling them with treasures symbolizes an everlasting flow of prosperity.
  • Coins, because of their strong metal energies, are most powerful when placed in the North, West and Northwest corners.
  • It is very beneficial to place hundreds of Feng Shui Emperors Coins around your home in discreet places, such as under floor boards or inside wall planks. This is especially true for those involved with business and intense money-making, and is it believed that living in a nest of coins will work very effectively in increasing all-round wealth luck. If you are renovating your house, you may scatter these coins on the ground before any flooring or tiling work is done.
  • The Northwest sector is the generator of Mentor Luck (Feng Shui Bagua Formula), and is of the Metal element; placing a chest of Feng Shui Emperors Coins underground in the Northwest corner of your yard or garden will activate this element, and is said to increase both serious fortune luck for the patriarch and wealth luck for the whole family. Mentor Luck, Nobleman Luck or "Gui Ren" luck is the kind of luck that will bring you a good samaritan or someone kind and helpful who will give you a lending hand or a life-changing push during times of distress, trouble and difficulty; not necessarily in the form of money but also opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or simply be there to listen.
  • With the Yang side up, embed the auspicious figure of nine coins under the walkway coming up to your front entrance; this will symbolize the path of money flow into your home.
  • You can also see Feng Shui Emperors Coins incorporated in various jewelry designs, from earrings and bracelets to various necklaces and pendants. In a way, wearing beautiful jewelry with good energy be it powerful crystals or powerful symbols is very good body Feng Shui, and quite popular too.


  • Material: Brass
  • Size: 1.00" (2.3cm) diameter each coin

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