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Magic Dryer Balls (2 pack)

Magic Dryer Balls (2 pack)

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Do Your Clothes Takes Forever To Dry? Are You Throwing Away Money On Chemical Softeners And Dryer Sheets?Animated GIF

Magic Dryer Balls got you covered!

Magic Dryer Balls soften your laundry naturally and saves you money on fabric softeners, dryer sheets and energy.

Magic Dryer Balls tumble in the dryer to lift and separate laundry allowing air to flow more efficiently while the tips massage fabrics to naturally fluff up and take the stiffness out of clothes, sheets and towels naturally, with no chemicals or toxins!

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Magic Dryer Balls will basically last forever. One single purchase will soften load after load of laundry, and you never have to worry about sensitive skin, or if you need to run to the store for a refill. Static cling will be reduced, fabric will be softened, lint will be removed, and your laundry will be less wrinkled, but you will not have to add liquid softener to your washing machine, or dryer sheets to your dryer.

This is wonderful for anyone with sensitive skin, or those washing baby clothes, but it's also ideal for regular folks that would just prefer to spend less money for each load of laundry they wash. Our Magic Dryer Balls come in a set of two, and are meant to be used that way. You can add more if you want to, but a single set will be plenty for softening normal loads of laundry.

  • Soften Clothing: The gentle massaging action of the dryer balls moving around with your clothes will make fabric feel just as soft as it would be with traditional softener.
  • Eliminate Liquid Softeners: Replace expensive and chemical filled liquids in your washing machine. Save money, reduce effort when washing a load, and get rid of fragrances and other ingredients that annoy or harm family members.
  • Eliminate Dryer Sheets: A more convenient option that takes the place of fragrance coated sheets. Reduce sensitive skin irritation, and save money without compromising fabric quality.
  • Reduce Drying Times: Better air flow reduces time needed to dry clothes so you save time and money.
  • Reduce Lint: More will be removed as the soft little nubs massage clothing. Because more lint will be collected in the trap, less will be left on your dress or sweater.
  • Save Money: Choosing a reusable alternative that does not require refills or repurchase ever will reduce costs drastically.
Usage Instructions:
  1. For regular loads, place two Magic Dryer Balls in. With larger loads, or loads of large sheets, using more may improve drying time.
  2. You will only have to stick these in your dryer once. After that, simply leave in load after load.
  3. Place clothes in on top, close the door, and then turn on your dryer.
  4. If you normally use a timed setting, reduce by ten percent at first. You may be able to cut the time it takes by up to 75%. For other types of settings, be aware that everything will dry faster than normal.
  5. Run the machine until it finishes. If you hear noise at first, this is normal. The hard plastic will soften, and the balls will mix with the fabrics. After just a minute or two, all noise will be reduced and barely noticeable.
  6. Leave them in until the next load, and use over and over again.

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