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Strawberry Seeds - 300 Seeds

Strawberry Seeds - 300 Seeds

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Fragaria ananassa L. Maximus. Easy to grow! This variety is noted for its rich color and sweet, red flesh. These strawberries can grow as large as 7" to 9" around. These are ever bearers so they produce an abundance of strawberries throughout the summer and are also perennials which means the plant itself will come back every year. These seeds have had their cold stratification for 4 weeks and are ready to plant! 300 seeds.
How to grow strawberry from seeds:
  1. Allow the strawberries to dry out and then rub the seeds off while holding over a clean bowl or piece of wax paper. You can also press the fresh ripe berries through a fine metal kitchen sieve and then wash the seeds that remain in the sieve bowl. Be sure the seeds are completely dry before placing them into plastic container for their winterizing in the freezer.
  2. Winterize the dry strawberry seeds by keeping the airtight plastic container in the freezer for at least 4 weeks and up to four months. Remove the seeds from their cold storage and plant immediately.
  3. Prepare a seedling tray or pots with at least 2 inches of rich well drained and moist soil with a bit of peat moss mixed in. Plan to sow 6 to 10 seeds per pot.
  4. Bury the seeds under a covering layer of peat moss approximately 1/8-inch thick Mist over the peat moss cover with water to set. Leave in an indirectly lit location to sprout.
  5. Transplant developed seedlings with at least four to six leaves to larger pots or to outdoor containers or beds, keeping soil level consistent on the main stem and keeping well watered.

Planting instructions:

Put seeds into the warm water, Heated soaking, after 4-6 hours, remove the seeds, the seeds germinate easily after soaking. The seeds into the soil (Note: need loose soil, breathable, good water holding capacity). Depending on growth conditions after germination the seedlings remain relatively has strong strain; after germination thinning, as appropriate, leaving 1 to 3 seedlings. After sowing, cover with plastic wrap at the top container (plastic bags may also be convenient), fresh stab a few holes in the membrane permeability. Place the container under the sun, keep the temperature around 20 degrees. Most seeds can germinate after a week. After the seedlings after germination and other robust transplanted into the ground.

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