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Gell Scar Therapy Patch

Gell Scar Therapy Patch

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Gell Scar Therapy Patch – with doctor-recommended advanced silicone technology — works on newly healed wounds and on visible older scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloids. With consistent use, even scars that are years old, and appear raised and discolored, can become flatter, smoother, less visible and closer to your skin’s natural color and texture.

Product Description:

Gell Scar Therapy Patch is a reusable, lightweight, flexible, durable, self-adhesive silicone gel sheeting used to prevent or reduce hypertrophic
scars and keloids.

Silon Technology:

Gell Scar Therapy Patch is made from a patented proprietary formula containing a mixture of bio-compatible PTFE (“Teflon”) material and bioinert/
bio-compatible medical grade silicons blended into a composite structure called Silon that is manufactured as a topical, silicone gel sheeting with a self–adherent quality.

Intended Use:

Gell Scar Therapy Patch is intended for the prevention or reduction of new or old hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from general surgical
procedures, plastic surgery procedures, traumatic injuries, wounds, burns as well as minor cuts and scrapes that can cause a scar to form.


Step 1

Remove Gell Scar Therapy Patch from the package

Step 2

Ensure Gell Scar Therapy Patch completely covers the incision. For proper coverage, we recommend not altering the product’s size; use scissors to trim the product only if necessary and allow for a minimum of 1/2″ area around the entire scar. Store the remaining gel sheet in a dry place, like the package the Gell Scar Therapy Patch came in.

Step 3

Remove the backing from the product and apply to the scarred area without stretching the material. ** Helpful hint – for a larger area, remove small portion of backing, apply Gell Scar Therapy Patch to the scar and then peel off remaining backing while applying little by little along the scar. **

Step 4

Wear the Gell Scar Therapy Patch for 12 hours for the first day and then gradually increase the tolerance to 23 hours a day

Step 5

Remove and clean both sides of Gell Scar Therapy Patch at least once per day with plain soap and warm water to remove debris. Bio Med Sciences Silicone Cleanser is recommended for maintaining optimal performance.

Step 6

Place the Gell Scar Therapy Patch on a clean flat surface and allow to dry prior to re-application. ** Helpful Hint – Order a 2nd Gell Scar Therapy Patch Sheet to wear while the first sheet is drying **


  • 3.5 cm (width) * 12 cm (length) * 2 mm (thickness) is the best quality thickness! 
  • 1 x Silicone gel scar sheet

Patients with known sensitivities to silicone should not wear Gell Scar Therapy Patch. With any topical material applied directly to the skin’s surface, some type of reaction is possible. This may be due to a sweat rash. Good daily hygiene and cleaning of the product will help to aid in the prevention of a rash from occurring. If you have sensitive skin, decrease usage, then increase usage time until a comfortable maximum has been reached. Do not use creams, lotions, or ointments with this product as they may interfere with the performance of the product and/or skin irritation.

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