Adjustable Digital Hearing Aid

"This arrived a lot faster than I expected and it was better than I thought. I can finally hear my grandkids clearly now! Thank you Better Day!- Carl S. (Verified Buyer) ★★★★★

Having trouble hearing? Not to worry, this low-cost hearing aid is here to help you hear clearly again!

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Hearing Aid Details: 

  • Hear Everything: This aid has a maximum sound output of 130 +_5dB so you can hear everything sharply.
  • Lightweight and Natural Feeling: Weighs less than 70g so you won't even notice you're wearing it. 
  • Supports ALL sizes! - Easily adjustable to fit everyone's ear. 
  • Comes with Batteries - Comes with replaceable set of batteries for you to use.
  • Makes for an AMAZING gift!


  1. Install the silica earbuds onto the hearing aid.
  2. Gently open battery compartment and install battery. 
  3. Press the ON switch and turn the sound to the minimum. 
  4. Place the hearing aid on your ear. 
  5. Adjust the volume as needed!

Note: This product is currently selling at an extremely high rate. Due to increased demand, please allow 3-8 weeks for shipping.