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Automatic Fishing Rod - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Automatic Fishing Rod - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Automatic Fishing Rod - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Automatic Fishing Rod - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Automatic Fishing Rod
Automatic Fishing Rod - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM

Automatic Fishing Rod

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Automatic fishing rod holder


Ever wished for a fishing rod that never let a fish slip? 

Now with Automatic Fishing Rod, you can say goodbye to all those extra fishing gears. Now you will never miss catching fishes because you couldn’t set the hook on time. 

This Automatic Fishing rod is super sensitive and never misses a catch! The spring loaded hook setter triggers at the slightest change in wire tension.


That means no more fishes running away with your bait!

All you’ve got to do is set the automatic fishing rod holder hook, plant the holder in the ground and relax! That’s what hands-free fishing is.


Greencheck Adjustable Length: The fishing rod can be extended to different lengths suiting your fishing environment.

Greencheck Ergonomic Handle: The slip-proof EVA foam handle design makes it extra comfy to hold. To add to the convenience stainless steel field cuttings are provided.

Greencheck Lightweight and Portable: With its collapsible design and glass fibre material, this Fishing Pole is easy to carry and store. You can easily fit it in your backpack and boat hatch.

Greencheck Fully automatic and sensitive: You just need to bend the extended rod to set the spring loaded hook and put the fishing line on it. The rest will be taken care of. The sensitive design will make sure you don’t miss any fish, big or small.

Greencheck High Quality Ground stand: For those windy days as well as for handsfree fishing.

Greencheck Storage Bag: For storing rods and easy transportation.

Greencheck Durable: The stainless steel, engineering plastic and glass fibre body makes it weatherproof and long-lasting.

Easy operation and adjustable sensitivity settings.

Available in 3 different lengths: 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m



Fully Extended Length: 2.1m/2.4m/2.7m
Weight: 412-429g

NOTE: The reel is sold separately.