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Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM

Collapsible Pocket Bo Staff

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Do you ever wish for a collapsible bo staff which you could take everywhere you go?

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Or are you a die-hard fan of kung fu and Martial arts weapons and would like to stun your friends with your martial arts training? Well with Portable collapsible bo staff
Whether it is about your self-defense, your love for Martial Arts and ninja weapons, workout training or simply to amp up your coolness factor, this bo staff that fits in your pocket has got your back. 
Hide them in your pocket, purse or even hands, these metal bo staffs are a true ninja weapons!
The pocket bo staff is completely collapsible and extends to a full length of 22 inches from 2.5 inches just by the touch of a button. These bo staffs feature telescoping compression fittings that extend out of both ends when you press the button.


Portable and Lightweight: This collapsible bo staff retracts into a completely concealable and easy-to-carry around form. You’ll never have to worry about making space for this bo staff.
Stainless Steel material: Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this aluminum bo staff, for its quality and strength far exceeds its pocket size. The high-grade stainless steel makes this bo staff a mean self defense tool! You can practice Self Defense, kung fu and weapons martial arts techniques with this pocket staff.
One-Touch Easy-to-Use System: Just point the expandable bo staff away from yourself and press the bottom button to unlock and release it in seconds.
Easily Retractable: It is just as easy to put it back in its pocket-sized form. Just twist and push the metal collapsible bo staff down. Secure it into place with top pin. Martial arts with weapons has never been easier!
Aerodynamic Shape: These hidden weapons sport a unique micro-concave shape which gives them super spinning ability. It cuts surrounding air to increase staffs angular momentum and achieve those high spinning speeds.

How to use the expandable bo staff:

  • Hold the contracted bo staff in your palm and keep it facing away from your body or face.
  • Press the button provided on the bottom. The staff will release to its length in instants. Make sure nobody is around when it pops open.
  • The bo staff can be extended to different lengths. Choose the length of your choice.
  • After use, twist the aluminum bo staff and push it simultaneously to collapse it in the pocket-sized form.
  • Use the provided top pin to secure the staff in its place.
  • With its one touch release system and its small size, this collapsible bo staff appears out of nowhere, just like it should be for a weapons ninja.
Scare an attacker away or surprise your friends, these highly versatile defense weapons are just perfect for all your needs.

Pocket Bo staff size description:

Metal Bo Staff Retracted Length: 2.5 inches
Metal Bo Staff Extended Length: 44 inches