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Electronic This is the best invention ever - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Electronic This is the best invention ever - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Electronic This is the best invention ever - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM

Electronic This is the best invention ever

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Laser Acupuncture Pen review

The new way to acupuncture is here. Electronic Laser Acupuncture Pen opens gates to the energy healing benefits of acupuncture therapy without those scary needles, therapy instrument or expensive sessions.

Acupuncture treatments have long been regarded as one of the most trusted alternative approaches to promote healthy blood circulation, detoxification and pain relief. This Electronic Acupuncture Pen gives all that at the ease and comfort of your home.


The pain relief acupuncture massage pen works by emitting Electronic Pulses to stimulate the various Meridians, aka Energy Channels and Acupuncture points which leads to unblocking of Energy flow.

This is followed by physical changes and pain relief. Even the skeptics can try it as there are no side-effects. You read it right, fast, safe and completely pain-free.

This Electric acupuncture pen is one-stop solution to relieving all your acute and chronic pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries and its also a great tension reliever.

The Laser Acupuncture pen comes with two special attachments and three modes: 

1. Superficial Therapy: The Dome type attachment is used for promoting healthy blood circulation and detoxifying meridians. It can be used for basic Health Care and facial beautification.

2. Node Therapy: The Node type, no attachment, is used to treat partial body pains. The meridian energy from this type are much more powerful and might take some time to get used to.

3. Partial Therapy: The Spheroidal type attachment is used for instant pain relief. It is used as a spot treatment and quickly alleviates muscles, joints or back pain.


Features of the Electronic acupuncture pen:

✅ Pain-free and safe: Unlike traditional acupuncture, this electronic acupuncture is superficial therapy. This acupuncture pen is completely safe for use by anyone and is guaranteed pain-free.

✅ No need of needles: All you need is this electronic acupuncture pen and no expertise. Just press the pen roughly on acupuncture points in your body and feel the meridian energy flowing again.

✅ Zero side effects: The electronic acupuncture pen heals migraine, sports injuries and chronic illnesses such as arthritis rheumatism, osteoporosis and sciatica without any side effects.

✅ Two attachments and three modes: The dome type, spheroidal type and node types attachments makes it suitable for any purpose of therapy.

 6 settings of Electric Pulse’s strength: The meridian energy pen is provided with 6 settings of strength to make the electric acupuncture as strong as needed by the user.

✅ Digital Display: The energy pen features a digital display which reads the strength of the electric acupuncture.

 Metallic tip and plastic body: The metallic tip makes this pen durable. Its plastic body makes it light and portable.

 Easy to use: The electronic acupuncture pen requires no training. Just simply press the pen on the points in your body and experience the energy healing powers of electronic acupuncture.

✅ Portable and Lightweight: This pen is designed to be lightweight and portable making it easily accessible during times of sports injuries or migraines at work. Use it anywhere and anytime!

How to Use the electronic laser acupuncture pen:

1) Open the Pen and put in one AA battery (AA battery not included). The digital display will turn on now.

2) Choose the desired attachment and strength setting of the electronic acupuncture pen. The electric pulse’s strength increases from 0 to 6.

3) Simply press the pen on the acupuncture points or painful areas for relief.

Product Specifications of this acupuncture pen:

Size: 20 x 3cm

Weight: 0.45 kg

Color: Silver

Package includes The Acupuncture Pen, Two Pen type heads Attachments and User Manual.
  • Battery not included
  • If you have a pacemaker OR an AV fistula - use of this product is not recommended!