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Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board

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The Workout Board With A Twist!

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Simply Fit Board is the lightweight, portable Workout and Balance Board that swivels, encouraging a twisting and pivoting action which engages your core, improves your balance and posture and tones your abs and legs.

Simply place the board on a smooth, firm surface, stand on the board, find your balance and start twisting! It’s simple and easy-to-use whatever your age or fitness level, so you can have fun and workout at the same time. Using the Simply Fit Board for just minutes each day will help strengthen your body and improve your overall fitness.

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  • Simple and easy to use – just stand on the board and start twisting!
  • Twisting motion and balance board pivoting action engages your core, improves your balance and posture and helps tone your abs and legs.
  • Fun, hassle-free workout – great for those with busy lifestyles as you can get started from just minutes a day.
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
  • High quality, durable moulded plastic supports the weight of up to 180kg/400Ibs/28 stone.
  • Features non-slip foot grips on upper surface of the board to prevent slips.
  • Lightweight and portable - perfect for travel.
  • Measures 66cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 1.9cm (D). Stores away easily - perfect for smaller homes or apartments.
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Works on all surfaces – for best results, use on carpets, rugs or a workout mat.  
  • Versatile workout board – use Simply Fit for push-ups, squats, twisted planks or increase the difficulty of your workout by using weights.
  • Improve your co-ordination and self-confidence.


Q: On what type of flooring can my board be used?

A: For best results use on carpets. We highly recommend using a small, tight woven rug with rubber backing on hardwood floors or other hard surface flooring to protect the board and your floors.

Q: Why's my board moving around on the floor?

A: This is common at first, but usually works itself out quickly. You're moving because you're just slightly off balance and may be leaning forward or to one side. This normally stops in about a week or two when you get a feel for it. But if you start to move, simply tilt the board back slightly to re-center it. Focusing on one spot in front of you helps, as well as keeping your back straight and head up.

Q: I'm having trouble balancing. What can I do?

A: Try holding onto a chair or table when you first step onto the board. Balance is one of the fastest things to lose, but also one of the easiest things to regain as you start stabilizing muscles. Standing on the board and rocking your ankles back and forth and side to side will help improve your core, leg strength, and balance, so we suggest keeping at it.

Q: Do I twist with my legs or waist?

A: You should be twisting at the waist, and your knee joints shouldn't move. A good way to get the motion correct is to hold two hand weights straight down at your sides and swing your arms in a semi-circular motion, with a slight bend in your knees. Let the board naturally start to twist. Keep your core and abs tight as you do the basic twist.

Add Weights To Increase Difficulty!

Adding hand weights will help increase the difficulty of your workout. Start off with lighter weights and get comfortable with your balance on the board while holding them!

Toning In Progress!

With a slight bend in your knee, twist on the board using your core! By engaging your core and legs while twisting you will be getting the maximum workout!

Getting Started!

Part of getting comfortable with the board is obtaining the balance you need.

  • Put feet evenly on the outer edges of the board using the textured circles for guides.
  • Be sure to hold onto a stable object, such as a chair, when you first step onto the board.
  • Slowly rock side to side, front to back to get a feed for your board!
  • When balanced, begin to twist from your core/hips!

Advancing Your Workout!

When you feel like you have mastered the basic twist you can start incorporating other exercises such as planks, squats, push ups and more!

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