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magic clean mat
magic mat
magic clean mat
magic clean mat
magic clean mat
magic clean mat

Magic Clean Door Mat

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Do you ever wish for a door Mat that actually does its work of stopping dirty shoe prints in their tracks? 

Your prayers have been answered with Magic Clean Mat.



Magic Clean Mat is the only floor mat that soaks up all the dirt like magic, grim and moisture from outside, not letting even one speck of dirt get to your shiny floor.


It has micro-fibres which absorb and trap dirt and muck. So, forget about loose dirt flying off your mat onto the floor.

This clean step super absorbant door mat takes it all in and keeps it all in too!

Made-up of super absorbent cotton this clean step mat will soak up water and absorbs mud from wet shoes instantly without requiring your guests to keep rubbing their shoes off the floor mat.


We get it right? What a blessing for those rainy days! And its machine washable as well :)





GreencheckMicrofibres and ultra-absorbent material: This clean step absorbent doormat will not let dirt, sand, snow, grass, grim, mud and other intruding particles go past your front door. Perfect for homes with children and pets.

Greencheck Anti-Slip Neoprene backing: The PVC backing makes this Magic Clean step mat skid-proof. Wipe those stubborn stains off without the risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

Greencheck Safe for all types of floors: Featuring Neoprene backing, this Magic Clean Mat will not destroy your precious floor unlike those rubber mats which leave yellowish stains.

Greencheck Lightweight, thin and Durable: This super magic mat will fit under any door. Its microfibre design makes it lightweight and more durable than other DoorMats.

Greencheck Machine and Dryer-safe: Hassle-free and machine washable, these clean step mats are low maintenance. They are low temperature dryer-safe too.



1. Dimensions: 40 x 60cm

2. Thickness: 7- 8mm

3. Material: 100% Polyester 4. Weight: 970g