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Magic Embroidery Pen for sewing crafts - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Magic Embroidery Pen for sewing crafts - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM
Magic Embroidery Pen for sewing crafts - BETTERDAYSTORE.COM

Magic Embroidery Pen for sewing crafts

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Embroidery has been a craft passed down from generation to generation, marked by its uniqueness and delicacy; but also many a times for its ability to get really messy.

To help keep all the hassling with the thread at bay and focus on bringing your design to life, this ergonomically designed Magic Embroidery Pen is introduced!

The Magic Embroidery Pen is one of its kind among sewing tools.

It comes with three needle sizes, small, medium and large to suit all your embroidery needs.

This Needle-Punch Tool is ergonomically designed in the shape of a pen to make embroidery as effortless as drawing and punch needles as fast as possible.

User-Friendly Design
Three needle sizes: Small, medium and large
Adjustable needle length
Rubber Grip for Comfort
Travel- Friendly
Adequate Handle-Length: 4.7 inch
Threader Length: 7.2 inch
Safety Features
Comes with an Instructions Manual

What makes this pen special is its design which keeps the embroidery thread tangle-free and the process smooth.

The mechanism is simple, insert the thread of your choice into the needle eye and punch-away the design. The Magic Embroidery Pen will take care of an even flow of thread and perfectly done stitches and embroidery hoops.

Suitable Stitching Methods and Fabrics - What else sets this tool apart is its versatility. You can do everything with this little tool, punch needles, cross-stitch, satin-stitch, couching stitch and even French-knot.
And no! You’ll not be limited in your choices of threads and fabrics either.
The needle-hole is large enough to allow yarn, ribbons and silk to be used instead of thread. The high-quality needle makes working on any kind of cloth piece possible.

So fret not and let this magic embroidery pen punch needles and see the magic.

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