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Sushi Bazooka

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Who doesn’t love Sushi? But how many can make perfectly delectable Sushi?

With Sushi Bazooka everyone can. This extremely simple-to-operate sushi maker device does all the hard work for you.

Just put in your Sushi Rice, top it off with your vegetables and filling, and let it roll out your sushezi sushi to perfection. We are talking about making consistently great Sushi. No hand rolling No space for any errors.

With the Sushi Bazooka you can achieve perfect sushi rolls EVERY SINGLE TIME without hassle.

It requires a fraction of time compared to your traditional hand-rolling and ZERO DO-OVERS.

Keep your guests wondering about how you became a SUSHI CHAMPION.
This is the PERFECT GIFT for every Sushi fanatic who wants to make perfect sushi at home.
NOW everyone can make perfect sushi at home using this sushezi sushi maker.

Save them all that massive hard work and frustration of trying to roll out a perfect sushi. This sushezi sushi maker gives you restaurant like results every time.

Save all the money you will be spending in future on those extravagant
restaurants and bring the Sushi Bazooka home.

● Simple one push operation.
● Perfect results every time.
● Durable material.
● Lightweight.
● Travel-friendly.
● No complicated cooking technique.
● Hygienic and safe.
● Easy to clean.
● Ample volume.
● No external power needed. Hand operated.

How to Use:
1. Open the Bazooka tube and layer it up with sushi rice on the inside.
2. Top the rice with your filling vegetables and meat. Close the Bazooka.
3. Push the Bazooka lever and roll out perfect Sushi rolls in a single go.