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Talking hamster toy
Talking hamster toy
Talking hamster toy
Talking hamster toy
Talking hamster toy

Talking hamster toy

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Want to have the snuggliest toy that also keeps your children entertained?
This Talking Hamster will become the talk of your whole family!
This cute little furry talking hamster repeats sounds in critter voice, whether those are words said to it
or you baby’s cutesy babbling.
The talking hamster toy records your message and then repeats it in its own high-pitched funny voice.
It is made of the softest plush material making it hard to not pet this adorable thing.
The talking hamster plush toy also bops its head while speaking making it look more
animated and endearing.
A total STAR for infants, children or even some ADULT KIDS! Yes, even you can get
this hamster toy that talks back for yourself, just consider it as self-care.
● Repeats after you: This talking hamster plush toy will mimic your words, noises,
singing or even laughter. It has a record time of 6 seconds.
● Easy to Use: All you need is 3 AAA batteries (which aren’t included in the
package). Just put in the batteries and switch the best talking hamster toy on.
● Neck movements: To make this talking hampster toy even more
attention-catching, a head-boppin feature is included. The talking hamster pet toy
will speak back to you with its amusing head bopping gestures.
● Softest Plush material: It is made of Plush fabric, making the talking hamster
doll hug-able and super soft to touch and hold.
● Color Options: This Talking Hamster is available in 3 colors: Gray, Light
Brown and Dark Brown.
● Christmas Special Edition: The limited edition of this talk back hamster toy
feature quirky Christmas add-ons making the already loveable Toy Christmasy
and even more adorable!
● Multi Lungual - This talking hamster can speak any language. - LOL


Size: 5.7 inches/15 cm
Weight: 368g
Material: Plush
Age Range: > 3 years old